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2011 Fantasy Projections, No. 2: Why Florida Marlins’ Hanley Ramirez Is Still Better Than Troy Tulowitzki

Sun, Jan 16, 2011

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Our 2011 fantasy baseball projections will be released one-by-one until the top 100 players have been revealed. These rankings consider past achievements, current performance and expected future results based on standard 5×5 H2H settings.

Despite a 2010 campaign considered to be sub-par (by his standards), Hanley Ramirez remains the second-ranked player in fantasy baseball heading into 2011. In fact, you can make an argument that the Marlins’ shortstop should be taken ahead of Albert Pujols based on position scarcity. Consider this: according to Mock Draft Central’s ADP, there are 10 first basemen currently being selected in the top 50, opposed to just five shortstops.

Ramirez will bat third for the Marlins in 2011, though he’ll be without the protection of the franchise’s all-time home runs leader Dan Uggla, who was traded to the Braves this off-season. Despite this, Hanley will be the leader of a very young and talented lineup in south Florida.

The elbow soreness that forced Ramirez to miss games late last season is no longer an issue, so pencil him in for 650-plus plate appearances in 2011. Any suggestions of Hanley relinquishing the top spot at shortstop to Troy Tulowitzki should be silenced when considering Ramirez’s remarkable durability. Over his five-year career, the 27-year-old has averaged 152 games played per season (Tulowitzki has averaged 132 games played since 2007), and owns the most impressive three-year power/speed average.  

2010 stats 619 92 21 76 32 .300
3-year average 655 106 26 83 31 .314
2011 FBI Forecast 670 100 26 90 34 .311


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